Apache Tear

It is hard to believe that the world’s largest ANYTHING could fit into the world’s smallest museum. However, truth is often stranger than fiction, and the World’s Smallest Museum is a proud home of the world’s largest Apache Tear.

However, in the tiny museum (not ACTUALLY the smallest in the world anymore- this shed is actually slightly larger than some “Phonebooth museums,” but it is miniscule regardless) which rests at the side of the road in rural Superior, Arizona, in the shadow of the humble Buckboard City Cafe, you will find the largest Apache Tear in the world.

The ‘Apache Tear’ is a type of rock that is, more or less, just a round pebble made from obsidian. This little obsidianites are usually black or at least dark colored, as they are a form of volcanic glass. Besides being beautiful in their physical nature, many believe that the Apache Tear is a rock that carries with it a special ability to bring healing from pain and grief. Some even call the Apache Tear the “Holy Stone” due to its assistance in helping people move out of dark places in their life, overcoming grief, pain, and depression in the process.

This particular Apache Tear is about 1600 carats in size, which is significantly larger than most of its family of gemstones. Although it used to just be an ‘occasional’ attraction, the popularity of this Apache Tear has made it so the World’s Smallest Museum in Superior, Arizona constantly has the gem on display.

There is no particular theme to the World’s Smallest Museum, but it would be safe to say that having the ‘World’s Largest Apache Tear’ has brought the museum a fair accolade, and it is likely the most impressive, rare, and interesting item in the museum- although some of the old posters, buttons, and now-completely-non-functional technology from the 1980s (and significantly before) have a definite appeal, the world’s largest discovered version of this beloved type of “Holy Stone” is surely an accomplishment to be proud of!

The museum treats their record-holding gem with an amazing amount of care and, as the central feature of the World’s Smallest Museum, the world’s largest Apache Tear has a permanent home in which it can be shared with the public.

The competition is certainly not the stiffest, but there is no other feature in the World’s Smallest Museum that owns as many bragging rights as the world’s largest Apache Tear!