The Cafe

On the long highway road through Arizona, there is hardly a better place to stop off, stretch your legs, and grab a bite to eat than the Buckboard City Cafe. You will not be disappointed to stop by if you are ever in the area, and it’s perfect for a quick meal on a long day of driving.

The service is always friendly, quick, and charming- without fail. It is evident that the Buckboard City Cafe plays a significant role in the town’s sense of pride and community, and the employees love sharing their “Superior Spirit” to everyone who blesses them with their time and money. Indeed, it is not just the cafe’s employees that make the experience so pleasant, but the laid-back and lovely presence of local Superior citizens, who frequent Buckboard- it seems to be the most popular spot in town, which, in a town like Superior, is not necessarily surprising. Not only is the food splendid, but the service is kind and patient, and the whole place glows with local pride.

The cafe is perfect for breakfast or lunch- any time of the day (before the evening comes around), Buckboard will have a wholesome menu item that will hit the spot. Of course, like many highway spots, the breakfast holds a bit of an advantage. There is hardly a place to get a classic American grilled up for you with such natural, unpretentious skill.

The place is clean, comfortable, and they make a mean burger, too. The price is right, and the atmosphere is friendly. Truly, when you’re driving across the vast expanses of the Arizona deserts, what more can you ask for?

The cafe opens at about 7 a.m and closes around 3 p.m.

BBQ, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs- these are just a few of the delicious, home-style menu options you have at the Buckboard City Cafe!

The Buckboard City Cafe is the perfect companion to the World’s Smallest Museum and makes the entire experience of pulling off the highway even more worthwhile. Don’t miss out!