In The Area

For such a small town, there is a surprising abundance of ”things to do”!

Only three miles to the west from Superior is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, which is a wonderful little collection of plant-life. In fact, this arboretum is Arizona’s oldest and largest botanical garden-- the state is not one that is particularly well-known for its forests! In fact, the park is 392 acres in size, and has its own gift shop, visitor center, picnic area, and a lovely 1.5 mile walking trail for casual hikers and walkers. The Arboretum has strict hours, though, and is not often open late into the day. Cactus, eucalyptus, palm trees, and more exotic plantlife manage to grow in this sweet little oasis. This Sonoran Desert habitat features the magnificent presence of the nearby Picketpost Mountain, which is the remnant of an old volcano. This is a truly lovely park, and it is absolutely worth taking a walk up the trail, even if you do not have the time to complete the entire trail!

The Wild Cow Art Gallery is a lovely little Superior institution filled with beautiful fine art. Amazing paintings line the walls of this gallery, almost all of which are for sale. Superior may not be the destination to visit specifically for art, but the artists represented at Wild Cow are truly talented, and the gallery often surprises visitors with the quality of work that is available for browsing and buying. For casual fans and true connoisseurs of fine art, the Wild Cow is a fantastic place to stop-- especially if you’ve already been to the World’s Smallest Museum a number of times, but still want to stop and spend some time in Superior! The artists who work here and volunteer here are kind, knowledgeable, fun, and easy to appreciate; the appreciation seems to be mutual, too, which makes the experience so much more memorable.

For hikers, Picketpost Mountain is a fantastic spot- though, be warned, that temperatures in the summer can sometimes eclipse 110 degrees. People head to Picketpost Mountain for hiking, camping, and checking out the canyon. As well as the heat, this hike begins to get quite steep, and the trail is not as well-maintained and clearly marked as many others. Not for the weak of will!

Phoenix, Arizona is only one hour away by car, as is Tuscon. Both are major cities with every imaginable amenity, including several tiers of hospitality options, shopping, gold, leisure and entertainment activities, and professional sports teams in a variety of leagues- teams in or near Phoenix play in the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and more.