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Top 8 Razz Poker Mistakes

Mistake # 1 – Chasing zero value cards
Majority of people new to the razz poker, commit the great mistake of chasing zero value cards. They think that their initial poor or mediocre opening hand will probably turn into a better one with more cards coming into the game. These players stick around for additional betting rounds, whereas they should’ve folded their cards right away.
It’s important to note that razz poker isn’t a game of chance. Although you can really do with some amount of luck, razz poker is mostly about strategy and skill. Ask any seasoned poker player and he/she will tell you that no amount of luck can help you if you get bad opening cards.
So, you should comprehensively analyse your initial cards as soon as they’re dealt to you and compare them with others’ show cards on the table. You mustn’t hesitate in folding your cards if you feel that you don’t stand a good chance in the following rounds.

Mistake # 2 – Folding worthy hands
Many razz poker players are unable to recognise a worthy hand when they get one. For instance, if you get three low cards in your hand and the face up card dealt to you is lowest on the table, you can easily win with such hand. You shouldn’t have any doubts about it and raise without any hesitation.

Mistake # 3 – Raising thoughtlessly
Razz poker players must avoid raising bets thoughtlessly and should never get into a raising competition with any of the other players on the table. It’s alright to raise once in a while to let the opponents know that you’ve got a worthy hand. However, please remember, anyone else having an even better hand/cards may try to take the pot by re-raising. You are free to re-raise or call if you’re confident about your hand in such a scenario, but should avoid getting into a raising battle with the concerned player. The next card/s can wreck anyone’s chances. Hence you must always avoid raising thoughtlessly.

Mistake # 4 – Being extremely rigid about strategies
You must never follow any razz poker strategy rigidly. All such strategies are nothing more than guidelines. Rather, you must take into account other important factors like your opponents’ behaviour, chip stack size and hand strengths into account before deciding your next move. Adopt any particular razz poker strategy only if you feel that it’s best way to go under a particular gaming situation.

Mistake # 5 – Inability to see through the slow playing strategy
Many new razz poker players are unable to see through the slow playing strategy of players who have exceptionally good hands and play slow merely to build the pot.
Ideally, players must play slowly only when they’re in possession of very strong hands and either of the opponents is very aggressive in nature, someone who indulges in frequent raising.
Players who indulge in such slow playing strategy normally call and check for as long as they can, followed by suddenly raising and re-raising just to increase the pot value. Such strategy delivers results only if a player is 100% confident of having winning cards, and is certain that he/she has already beaten the opponents.

Mistake # 6 – Chasing losses
There’s no way that you can force a game into a situation where it delivers you a certain desired result. If you don’t get a good hand, you simply don’t get a good hand! You must accept this fact gracefully and fold your cards. There’s no point continuing betting on such cards in the vain hope of winning.

Mistake # 7 – Playing without any bankroll strategy
A good number of razz poker players underestimate the importance of having a solid bankroll management strategy. It’s ideal to have enough chips to last you at least 16 big blinds, even though the exact figure may vary from one strategy to the other.

Mistake # 8 – Playing rashly
Razz poker is a game that must never be played in an inpatient and rash manner. You must stay alert, cool and calm at all times. Most of all, you must understand and respect the fact that you’ll not be dealt the best cards in every game. Rather than getting flustered and losing the plot, you must remain calm and fold your cards while you still respectfully can.