All about Razz Poker

Top 5 Razz Poker Tips

Tip # 1 - Always begin with a solid three card hand
A 2 3 is the best possible starting hand in razz poker. In fact, any starting hand that consists of three unpaired cards, lesser than 5 in rank, can be termed as an excellent starting hand which deserves a raise.
Furthermore, you can profitably bank on any 8 or higher starting hand in majority of the razz poker games. You can even modify your starting hand, including few 7 or better, or 9 or better depending on your competency, personal style and the aggressiveness of your opponents.
In case you’re new to razz poker, you must avoid raising on hands that have a 9 in them, at least until you’re comfortable playing the game.

Tip # 2 - Pay close attention to the door and position cards
In case your third dealt card is a 10, but all your opponents have cards higher than 10, you can be considered having the best opening hand.
The strength of that 10 card matters immensely. In case your first three cards are 10, 9 and 8, such hand would be worse compared to something like a 10, 5 and 2. On the other hand, if your show card is very low and the show cards of your opponents are all paint cards, you have a good enough hand to win antes and blinds on the spot.
Furthermore, if you’ve got a low showing card and have a good position in the hand, implying that majority of other players have folded their hands, you may have a good chance of taking away the antes and blinds depending on the door cards of the remaining players on the table, no matter what your hole cards may be.

Tip # 3 - Track the dead cards
Tracking dead cards in Seven Card Stud and razz poker requires plenty of practice. You simply will have to try it over and over again. It’s something that’ll come with time.
Why remembering dead cards is considered important is because it’ll help you understand your odds as the hand/game moves forward. For example, if you’re presently holding an A, 3, 4 and 6, and are aware that couple of 6s and 4s have already been folded, there is a far less chance of you getting a fifth card that’ll pair you up. This way, if you make it a habit to remember the cards, you’ll be able to better understand the strength of your hands.
A trick often used by players for easily remembering the dead cards is by mentally sorting them from the smallest to the largest ones as they get folded, and adding new cards as they get dealt.

Tip # 4 - Use an overall tight strategy
Avoid playing loosely during the early stages of a razz poker game, as it can put you into a difficult situation. So, play solid starting hands and ensure that you put all your aggressiveness behind them. Furthermore, avoid playing very aggressively during the later stages of a hand as it’s considered the perfect recipe for losing extra bets. However, it doesn’t imply that you should avoid going for it if you see your opponent pairing up on the sixth street, and you steering clear on the seventh street. In addition, there may be times when bluffing will also come into the picture and you can use it appropriately to your advantage.

Tip # 5 - Spot the weaker players
Learn how to spot the weaker players and then create and execute a strategy for crushing them. In most cases, stud poker games such as razz involve weaker players playing either too aggressively or way too many hands. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because poker world is all about no limit Texas Hold ‘em, and full of such players.