The town of Superior, Arizona, is a quiet, tiny, and modest example of rural life in the Southern desert states of the United States. Like so much of rural America, Superior is far past its original rush, in which it was a mining town. Characters like Wyatt Earp famously wandered this area, as well as many other gold rush classic figures. Superior itself was an active mining community for basically 100 years. As they do, the mine closed finally, in the late 1980s, and the whole place has had a significantly more difficult time subsisting since. Despite the long history of the town, it was not officially incorporated as a town until 1976.

Today, Superior is not as impressive as it once was. Indeed, many buildings in Superior, Arizona, seem to be falling apart-- I would be falling apart, too, if it were 120 degrees on a fairly regular basis. Not to mention, Superior is awkwardly placed between Phoenix and Tucson. Superior is 65-70 miles east of Phoenix, and basically identically distanced from Tuscon which lies to the south.

Superior is just one town in Pinal County, where the population usually floats just below 3000. In total, the entire town is not even 1.9 square miles at this point, or 5 kilometres. The elevation of the town is at 2,888 ft, and the climate is hot and semi-arid.

Believe it or not, many films have been set in the town of Superior, including films by Oliver Stone and Clint Eastwood (U Turn and The Gauntlet, respectively). Some films, such as the Salena Incident (a 2005 science fiction movie) have been filmed in Superior. The time zone is Mountain Time, the area code is 520, and the website for the town can be found here.

There are not too many attractions in Superior, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, Superior is charming and approachable, and part of that is due to the microscopic size of the town. In Superior, you can have a great time seeing art, artefacts, nature, and have a great meal, and never once will you feel as if you have missed out on any element of the town, itself! There are a few museums, mine tours, occasional street markets, fantastic food options (including “Arizona’s best Chorizo”), tons of special events, and some world-class desert sunsets and sunrises in the little town of Superior- surely enough to feel hosted and entertained!